Our customized Flash Aligners are virtually invisible and help you get freedom from all your dental problems without anyone noticing.

The exact cost of your aligners depends on the type of treatment which will be determined by your treating doctor

Depending on the severity of malocclusion the price of Flash Clear Aligner treatment ranges from 60,000 to 3,50,000*.

* Price range mentioned is indicative. Flash Aligner Treatment is a completely customized clear aligner therapy, so the price may vary as per the treatment advised by the treating doctor/clinic and various other factors. Please check with Flash Certified Orthodontists for more details

A better alternative to your traditional braces.

Certified Orthodontists:

Flash Certified Orthodontists are professionals trained and certified by us, who offer the Flash Aligner System to their patients.

Quicker and Finer Result:

Braces can take up to 2-3 years, while an average treatment with Aligners can take as less as any time between 6-18 months depending on the severity of the case.

World-Class Technology:

To bring you the best possible alternative to your dental problems, Flash Orthodontics sources world-class technology.

Customized Trays:

Braces might be the cheaper option; however, your teeth will thank you for the customized comfort and quality that Flash Aligners provide.


Begin your journey to express freely with Flash Aligners. Consult our experts today!