Teeth Spacing treated with Aligners

If you have a gap or extra space between your teeth, you might have spacing issues or gap teeth. Like many other dental conditions, teeth spacing issues can be easily corrected with Clear Aligners. These customized trays help in closing the gap by moving the teeth gently and slowly. This does not cause discomfort, all the while promising you a brilliant smile.


Teeth spacing review

Dealing with teeth spacing issues in his lower and upper jaws, Ashish Bhatia felt conscious about his smile and decided to get the Flash Aligner treatment. Tired of always shying away from cameras or hiding his smile while clicking photographs, he decided that it’s time to put a stop to that. Dr. Kedar Wani, a Certified Flash Orthodontist, came to his rescue and suggested Flash Clear Aligners instead of ceramic braces for what was 6-7mm of teeth spacing. Sharing his experience and tips, watch how Ashish became smile ready for his wedding photoshoot with the help of Flash Orthodontics.

The Flash Treatment for Teeth Spacing


Visit Certified Flash Orthodontists


Advanced Intra - Oral Scanning


Aligner Dispatch with a starter kit


Start wearing Clear Aligners as per the orthodontist’s recommendation


Meet your Orthodontist periodically


Perfectly align teeth spacing

Why Flash Aligners for Teeth spacing

To help you get that flawless smile, we only trust the best.

Network of 1850+ Flash Certified Orthodontist

Modern Digital Technology

DIY Aligner Care Kit

Designed & Manufactured in India

Why Flash Certified Orthodontists for Teeth Spacing?

Only an orthodontist can provide you with the expert care you need to quickly and efficiently fix teeth spacing. They undergo training and are certified by Flash Orthodontics to provide a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan to address conditions related to teeth and jaws to be treated with Flash Aligner Therapy.