7 Reasons Why Aligners are Better Than braces

Know why aligners are better than braces?

7 Reasons To Choose Clear Aligners Over Braces

Are aligners better than braces? | 7 reasons why | Flash Orthodontics


Patients today are offered a decision when undergoing orthodontic treatment, which is to choose between clear aligners as-well-as traditional braces, and some might ask, are aligners better than braces.

Aligners are thin, clear medical grade thermoplastic trays designed to fit your teeth and are removable. Patients receive sets of aligners tuned to correct the orientation of their teeth to their favourable position through constant, gentle pressure.

Braces consist of Metal or ceramic brackets that get affixed to your teeth, and wires get threaded through slots in the brackets. Unlike aligners, braces cannot be removed by the patient at will. The wires exert a constant yet gentle force to align your teeth properly.

Today, many patients still wonder, are aligners better than braces despite aligners being proven as an effective substitute for traditional braces. The reasons given below should help you decide. 

Everything you need to know about Aligners vs Braces debate

Clear aligners are an efficient alternative that offers several benefits relative to traditional braces, especially for adults. Here are the seven reasons to help you answer are aligners better than braces:

1. Decent Oral Health Maintenance

Since clear aligners are removable, maintaining a decent oral hygiene routine is not a hard job. You can easily brush your teeth, unlike braces, where you have to clean around the brackets meticulously.

When you have braces, food gets stuck in hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. Since the plaque on your teeth consumes sugar, disregarding your oral health can result in cavities and other oral health issues. 

2. No Dietary Restrictions

You can continue eating your favourite foods when you choose clear aligners to correct your teeth’ misalignments. Since aligners are removable, they do not cause irritation or the feeling of consistent pressure on your teeth, making the answer to are aligners better than braces obvious.

People with braces must stick to a restricted diet to refrain from damaging wires and brackets. 

3. Comfort and Convenience

Metal braces can graze the soft tissue inside your oral cavity. Braces and long wires, if not trimmed accurately and can prick the inside of your mouth and may cause ulcers. Clear aligners have no sharp edges and thus are more comfortable.

Unlike braces, teeth aligners do not require tightening during appointments. Instead, the doctor monitors your progress before providing you with your next set of aligners in your treatment series, yielding an answer favouring aligners.

4. Visibility

Aligners are entirely invisible, which conceals that the person is going through orthodontic treatment, which might embarrass some adults.

The adolescent patients also prefer clear aligners for similar reasons. Clear aligners retain an individual’s smile without appearing out of place, unlike braces and wires.

5. Removability

Unlike traditional braces, you can conveniently remove your clear aligners when eating and brushing your teeth. You do not need to worry about feeling consistent pressure on your teeth when eating .The convenience of removing them while you maintain your oral hygiene, enjoy your favourite meals, and not worry about braces poking the insides of your mouth.

6. Cutting-edge Technology for Impression less scanning

Impression less scanning is not only clinically efficient but also reduces the discomfort experienced by you. This is available for clear aligners.Clear aligners, especially the ones made by Flash Orthodontics, are high-quality customized aligners made with TRIOS Intra-oral Scanners’ award-winning technology to assure the best possible care. 

Impression less scanning reduces the time that you have to spend in the dental chair with mouth extenders and putty in your mouth, a benefit and experience which is immensely appreciated by everyone.

7. Maintenance of White Teeth

Since cleaning around braces is a hassle for most people, they neglect their oral hygiene and lose their teeth whiteness. Since aligners are removable, you can brush and floss your teeth with no obstructions and maintain your teeth whiteness.

Since you would have to thread the floss between every individual bracket to get rid of plaque, you might give up flossing altogether when wearing braces. 

Final Words

After going through this article, you can answer ‘are aligners better than braces?’ in affirmation for aligners. Not only are aligners comfortable and convenient, but they also do not compromise your oral hygiene at the expense of being minimalist. 

If you consider getting aligners to gain that perfect smile, go for brands like Flash Orthodontics that offer customized solutions and have state-of-the-art technology. 


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