Top Dental Problems and Their Treatments

Some common dental problems and treatment that you should be aware of

Top Dental Problems and Their Treatments

A perfect smile with perfectly aligned teeth is sure to make a good impression. What if there are dental issues that are coming between you and a perfect smile? Well, the good news is that dental problems and treatment for them has now gotten easier. 

Although braces have been the traditional treatment for many dental problems, aligners are revolutionising dental treatments. Not only are they discrete, but they are also more effective, and the time taken for aligner treatment is much shorter.  

Here are some common dental problems and treatment that you should be aware of. 



This occurs when the upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth. You can have a crossbite on either or both sides of your jaw and at the front or back as well. Crossbites are common in adults as well as children. When it occurs in children, the issue often resolves itself as they grow. You can treat crossbites with customized aligners or braces.



This problem occurs when your upper teeth overlap your lower teeth. In some cases, the overlap is so severe that the upper teeth cover the lower teeth completely. There is a chance that your lower teeth bite into the gums behind the upper teeth damaging the gum tissue in the region. Although you can treat it with braces, an effective treatment for this that will not at all affect your looks is aligners!


An underbite is the exact opposite of an overbite. Here, it is your lower teeth that overlap your upper teeth, causing dental issues. Underbites and overbites are common dental problems. You can opt for customized aligners from brands like Flash to get a swift and easy to maintain treatment for your underbite. You can also fix an underbite with metal or ceramic braces.  



This occurs when your upper and lower teeth do not overlap at all.It can lead to excessive pressure on your back teeth when you bite down. This causes the teeth at the back to suffer more wear and tear when compared to the front teeth. It can even cause issues with the gum and bone near the back teeth. Thankfully, an open bite is among the common dental problems. Aligners or braces are all you need to fix the issue.  



Although it is usually confused with an overbite, an overjet is a different dental issue. Here, the upper teeth protrude horizontally over the lower teeth. They do not overlap. An overjet can impact your speech and your ability to chew food properly. Good quality aligners or braces are the best way to treat an overjet in the shortest duration.


Your teeth have a hard surface that can get damaged due to a variety of factors. This causes holes or cavities to form on the teeth that can lead to pain or infection.Depending on the depth of the cavities, the dental problems and treatment might range from fluoride treatments, fillings, crowns to root canal and tooth extraction. 



Crowding is also among the most commonly seen dental problems and treatment for this is definitely aligners. It happens when there is a mismatch between the jaw size and the size of the teeth.The space available is not enough to accommodate all your teeth. It can cause crooked teeth or misalignment of teeth.Aligners are a great way to fix crowding when compared to braces. They are comfortable to wear and easy to maintain.


Extra space between the teeth can increase the chances of gum disease and tooth decay as food can get stuck in the space.As with crowding, spacing is also caused by a mismatch in jaw size and tooth size. Spacing can be fixed by clear aligners or metal braces that gently push the teeth back to fill in the gaps.

Treatment for Dental Problems – Aligners vs Braces

Since most of the problems mentioned above can be fixed by aligners or braces, you may feel confused regarding which one to choose. Aligners offer many advantages over braces. Not only are aligners discrete, but they also take less time and are more effective than braces. They are easy to maintain and are more comfortable to wear. You won’t even have to limit yourself from having certain foods while wearing aligners. While looking for aligners, quality is extremely important. So do proper research and go for trustworthy brands like Flash Orthodontics.


Dental problems and their treatment are not an enigma anymore. All you need is a consultation with trustworthy brands like Flash Orthodontics

With over 1650 Flash-certified orthodontists across the country, you will have no trouble in getting your appointment. Flash uses the latest award-winning TRIOS technology to manufacture aligners that fit you perfectly. So, go ahead and get your perfect smile!


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