How to straighten teeth without braces?

How can teeth be straightened without braces?

How to straighten teeth without braces?

First impressions are everything. Isn’t that right? Whether it’s your personality or the teeth behind your smile, everything makes an impression. Numerous studies have found that having a better-looking smile makes you more attractive and more approachable.  Not only that, having straight teeth has many health benefits as well. But alas not all of us are blessed with the perfect set of pearly whites. There are so many dental problems that make it hard for the person to do something basic as chewing. The good news is most of them are treatable! Let’s delve into issues that can be fixed.


How teeth alignment can be done without braces?

Both children and adults face several issues that might require teeth-straightening solutions. Some of them are:

  1. Overcrowding and Spacing
  2. Crossbite
  3. Increased Overjet
  4. Deep Overbite
  5. Open bite


How to straighten teeth without braces?

Most of us think that only braces can be used to treat all of these issues and get those perfectly aligned teeth. But what if we tell you that there is a modern and even better-looking option? Yes! Clear aligners have revolutionized teeth-straightening by giving a much more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing option than braces. The best part? You can find an Orthodontist right next to your house who would help you with this. These are many brands offering Clear Aligners and amongst them is Flash Orthodontics – a 100% made in India brand.


How are  Clear Aligners Better than Braces?

Clear aligners are clearly the better option for so many reasons. 


  1. Visibility: Let’s face it, braces aren’t  exactly aesthetically pleasing to the eye. That is where Clear Aligners stand out by staying invisible! They are transparent and hardly noticeable. 
  2. Comfort and Convenience: Braces are known to create a lot of discomforts. Mostly, because they cannot be taken out. But this is easily not the case with Clear Aligners. You can take them off  and put them on very easily. Though it is highly recommended that you do not take them off for a prolonged period of time else the treatment will slow down.
  3. Dietary Restrictions: Oh yes! Who doesn’t know the perils of eating anything chewy or hard, and regretting it while having braces on. With Clear Aligners, there are hardly any such restrictions. 
  4. Maintenance: Maintaining braces is a task. The fixed nature makes it difficult to maintain your oral hygiene. However, one can easily remove and take care of your teeth as well as aligners. 
  5. Pricing: Unlike braces, Clear Aligners are customized with advanced technology for each patient, hence the price varies- depending on the treatment required. However, to get that perfect smile it is the right choice.
  6. Treatment time & Follow-ups: This is a major factor. Braces can take anywhere between a minimum of 12 months to sometimes as long as 3 years and beyond, while Clear  Aligners can take as less as 7 months depending on the case.
    Also, Clear aligners have a major advantage of reduced Doctor visits due to its customized nature as compared to braces that need you to visit the doctor on a monthly basis.


Your quest to find a teeth-straightening solution other than braces must have come to a fruitful end by now. Clear Aligners are clearly the right investment to get those pearly whites. You can get your own customized aligners at Flash Aligners. Proudly made and engineered in India, Flash Aligners are the perfect partners to help you redesign your smile. Contact us today to book an appointment. Call at +912261935500


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