What is the cost of invisible braces? Are they worth it?

How much do clear teeth aligners cost?

What is the cost of invisible braces? Are they worth it?

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Dentistry has come a long way in the past decade. With advanced treatments, keeping in mind the comfort and convenience, the dental industry has options for everyone and anyone. One such option is the Clear Aligners or Invisible Braces! Earlier appliances like braces, retainers, palatal expanders, etc. are known to be quite uncomfortable and unaesthetic to the eye. A lot of patients who have had some malocclusion or any other dental issue have been hesitant to get treatment as it means getting on a dental appliance which will be very noticeable. This lowers their self-confidence and they are equally hesitant, if not more, to show off their smile. Clear Aligners is the solution to this big problem. How? Simply by being ‘invisible’ to the eyes. But that’s not all there is to clear aligners. Let’s understand why they are worth it by first understanding how they actually work. 


How do Clear Aligners Work?

Clear Aligners or Invisible Braces are a customizable treatment method to treat mild to moderate dental issues. With the help of 3D technology, orthodontists are able to trace your teeth, which was done initially by taking the impression of the teeth which was prone to a lot of inaccuracies. With this technology, patients can see what the orthodontic plan would do and what the exact results are. This also gives a boost of confidence for the treatment in the patients. Then, all they have to do is wear these customized invisible teeth aligners and smile without hesitation!


How much do clear teeth aligners cost?

Clear Aligner treatment is highly customized to every individual. Two patients having the same case will have different sets of aligners, customized to their jaw structure.


Thus, the price of each teeth aligner varies and depends upon a lot of factors. One major factor in determining the price of the clear teeth aligners are the specifics of a case. For eg., for a patient who has a mild crowding case, the clear teeth aligners will cost less than a patient who has a more severe crowding problem. Simply put, the more complicated the case, the pricier the treatment will be. But when you consider the quality and effectiveness of the treatment, it is an investment that is worth every penny spent. In some cases, it even costs less than treatment from braces. If you still don’t believe us, let’s break it down for you. Why are clear aligners worth their cost?


Are clear teeth aligners worth the price?

Invisible braces are a significant investment that will give you better results than most. So why does it cost more than its fellow dental appliances and why are they worth the price? Here’s why:


  1. One Solution to All: Clear Aligner treatment can fix most bite issues – overjet, underbite, crowding, spacing, open bite, etc. This customized treatment option is used to treat different cases of bites and other dental issues according to individual needs. 


  1. Uses Advanced Technology: The biggest reason why clear aligners have been a great option and a better option than most appliances are because of the advanced technology that is used in the making of these appliances. Due to this upgrade, you get a far more comfortable and effective treatment than other dental appliances. 


  1. Barely Noticeable: One of the biggest USPs of invisible teeth aligners is that they are transparent and can be barely noticed by anyone. This is not the case in any of the dental appliances present in the market. The invisible aligners are made to fulfill this gap of customers who want a more discreet form of dental treatment.


  1. Removable: Another big reason that invisible aligners are quick to become the favorite of the patients is that they offer the option of removing the appliance. You can easily remove and wear your clear teeth aligners, which gives you a lot of freedom in your lifestyle choices. However, it is highly advised that the patients wear the clear teeth aligners at least 22 hours a day. However, that means it gives the patients enough time for brushing and eating without the clear teeth aligners. 


Considering all these factors and the quality clear teeth aligners bring to the table, it is hard to accept that they can be a little high on the price but still be worth the investment. 


Entering the aligner industry with a long legacy of providing the best solutions is Flash Orthodontics. With clear teeth aligners proudly engineered in India, Flash provides the best quality products and services backed by the international technology of TRIOS intraoral scanning. In collaboration with a network of 1850+ certified flash orthodontists, Flash Orthodontics is determined to bring clear aligner treatment to every city in the country. The cost of Flash Aligner treatment starts from ₹60,000 onwards. If you need a consult, find the nearest Flash Orthodontist near you here 


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