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  • Flash Experience by Gujarati Actress – Netri Trivedi

  • Being an actor with dental problems is a tough cookie. Watch how Gurbani found the perfect solution which does not affect her work at all with Clear Aligners

  • Want to get rid of your uncomfortable braces? There are many like you! Watch one such customer’s journey from braces to clear aligners

  • Racha got her gorgeous smile back using Clear Aligners from Flash Orthodontics. Watch her story.

  • Ashish Bhatia was camera conscious because of the spacing in this teeth. Watch how he became smile ready for his wedding photoshoot with the help of Flash Orthodontics.

  • Watch how Flash Aligners gave back Loveleena Joseph, an air hostess, the confidence she needed. Click here

  • Watch Krupa Baria talk about her experience with Flash Orthodontics and how Clear Aligners gave her smile a new leash of life.

  • A business trip brought Neil to India and Flash Orthodontics. See what is has to say about his experience.

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