FAQ's on Flash Aligners
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Do's and Don'ts

  • What are the Do’s and Don’t’s of using FLASH aligners?

    We recommend users to follow this compendium, for a safe and hassle-free experience with Flash.


    • Always clean your Flash aligners using our FDA cleansing foam provided to you; rinse thoroughly with water prior to insertion and after removal.
    • Use a soft toothbrush to clean your Flash aligners.
    • Always remove your aligners while eating and drinking except while drinking water.
    • Brush your teeth after each meal before re-inserting your Flash aligners.


    • Do not eat while wearing your Flash aligners.
    • Do not chew gum with your aligners on – this may cause them to dislodge from their position or result in surface damage.
    • Do not smoke while wearing your Flash aligners as nicotine may result in loss of transparency and sheen.

Potential Risks And Inconveniences

  • What are the potential risks and inconveniences?

      Like other orthodontic treatments, the use of FLASH Orthodontics™ aligners may involve some of the risks and inconveniences outlined below:
    • Failure to wear the aligners for the required number of hours per day, or not using the products as directed by your doctor or missing appointments can lengthen the treatment time and cost and affect the ability to achieve the desired results.&Dental pain or some discomfort may be experienced when switching to the next series of aligner.